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3 month online training "Surfing your innernet"

Reconnect with your own inner guidance

We surf the internet to find answers to our (life) questions. But the overload of information on the internet brings more confusion than clarity. While your innernet contains all the information, you need in times of chaos and fear to reconnect with inner peace and guidance.

So time to reconnect with your innernet. To get your own tool kit for life!

In this 3 months training you learn to communicate with your innernet (body, mind & soul). To gain self knowledge and confidence needed to create your own life. The course is interactive.

Wherein I guide you towards your own inner guidance system. With my energy I will hold the space for you to explore your innernet in a safe, peaceful and loving way.

What you will learn:

  • To open and follow your heart

  • To explore your (sub)conscious

  • To hold space for your healing

  • To break through limiting habits

  • To create relaxation and peace of mind

  • To take responsibility for your life and health

  • To feel loved

For who:

  • You wish to experience more self confidence

  • You know you are not living your life to the fullest

  • You desire clarity and purpose in your life or career

  • You wish to change (old) habits that no longer serve you

  • You are ready to boost your energy and calm your mind

  • You realise you need to be the change you wish to see

  • You are done with playing small

Before each session I tune into the energy of a group. To ensure you all receive the right tools and insights to benefit your spiritual and personal development. Although each session has a theme. The exact content of the session will therefore be designed during each session. My energy will create a healing atmosphere. Enabling you to heal on deeper levels, while working with me during this whole course.

Every online session contains a meditation, exercise, theory and Q&A section. The themes in this program are chosen with care. To ensure a holistic approach in your healing/transformation process. Below you find the themes.

The program:

Session 1 Body awareness

Your body is also called the temple of your soul. But to make it into a temple you need to clean and clear it from wounds and beliefs that no longer serve your soul’s mission.

·      Learning to communicate with your body

·      Translation tools for your body language

·      Basic healing techniques for clearing

Session 2 Heart opening

The heart is the center of your own micro universe. It is the bridge between your lower and higher emotions. When heart centered you bring heaven on earth.

·      How to connect and communicate with the heart

·      Increasing your self-love

·      Learning to use your love power in your actions.

Session 3 Your emotions

As a human being we have to deal with emotions. To find out that emotions are the tool to keep your body healthy and strong, may be the key for you to allow your emotions space when they come up.

·      Giving space to emotions

·      Learning tools to express emotions in a safe and healthy way

·     Grounding exercise to be able to hold space

Session 4 Your beliefs

During your life you have formed beliefs. About yourself, the other(s), life. Some may support you, others are sabotaging you. The latter ones are good to recognise and transform.

·      Becoming aware of your belief systems

·      Rewiring your brain

·      Rewriting your past and creating your future.

Session 5: Integration

After you have gone through changes your system needs integration time and space. So it can start to function on the next level.

·      How to create time and space for integration

·      What to do and let go during integration

·      When do you know you are on the next level 

The trainer: Liz La Force

After experiencing my first wakeup call at the age of 26, I started to walk my own path towards the power within. Discovering so much love and wisdom inside of me that it soon felt obvious to share it with others. Which is when I started to guide and teach others.

The energy I transmit works as an activator and makes it easier for you to remember your own (self)love and healing ability. It also bring motion in your system so the obstacles that are in between you and this love force can be removed. Enabling you to walk your own path and find your own way(s) through life. For that is what you and I are here for. To be who we are and to act upon it. Being authentic and true.

What you get:

·      5 x 1 hour live webinar sessions

·      5 x meditations

·      5 x assignments

·      5 x recordings

Date:  start 7 october 2022 ( 5 weken achter elkaar)

Time: 10:00 am (CET)

Investment: € 149 (ex 21% btw)

Groupsize: min 8, max 12 persons

10% of the fee is used to make it possible for someone, who does not have  the financial resources, to join this training.