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3 months online training "Surfing your innernet"

Find peace within a changing world

We surf the internet to find answers to our (life) questions. But the overload of information on the internet brings more confusion than clarity. While your innernet contains all the information, you need in times of chaos and fear to reconnect with inner peace and guidance.

So time to reconnect with your innernet. To get your own tool kit for life!

In this 3 months training you learn to align your heart (feel), hara (subsconscious), head (thoughts) and hands (actions). Enabling you to manifest your (dream)life. Most of the learning will be by experience. So no long monologues from my side, but interactive sessions.

Wherein I guide you towards your own inner guidance system. With my ability to make the intangible (emotions, thoughts, patterns, potential) tangible by translating it into word and image. With my energy I will hold the space for you to explore your innernet in a safe, peaceful and loving way.

What you will learn:

  • To open and follow your heart
  • To explore your (sub)conscious
  • To master your emotions
  • To break through limiting patterns
  • To create relaxation and peace of mind
  • To see physical, emotional and mental pain as a growth opportunity for growth
  • To align your feelings, thoughts and actions
  • To do what you really want to do in your life

For who:

  • You feel stuck and are looking for a way out
  • You experience fear or agitation
  • You have a feeling your life can be “different”
  • You are longing for more energy, joy and peace
  • You desire clarity and purpose in your life
  • You wish to change (old) patterns
  • You wish to accept and love yourself as you are
  • You desire to deepen your relationship(s)
  • You realize you need to be the change you wish to see

Below you find the program for the 5 webinar sessions.

Every webinar contains a meditation, exercise, theory and Q&A section.

The program:

Session 1 The heart

  • Introduction
  • Why you fear to be love(d)
  • Self-love: the key to change
  • Opening the heart meditation

Session 2 The body

  • Listening to your body
  • Decoding the body signals
  • What illness/pain can teach you
  • Body healing meditation

Session 3 Your hara/subconscious

  • Being present with what is
  • Access your subconscious
  • Decoding its language
  • Mastering your emotions meditation

Session 4 the head

  • Belief systems
  • Transforming limiting thoughts
  • The use of affirmations
  • Brain coherence meditation

Session 5: Integration

  • Heart – Hara – Head- Hands connection
  • Inside- out communication: being authentic
  • Integration meditation

I have learnt the techniques I use in this training, while surfing my own innernet. Some are taught to me by spiritual teachers in the far East and the modern West, others I received in my meditations from my inner guidance.

The trainer: Liz La Force

After experiencing my first wakeup call at the age of 26, I started to walk my own path towards the power within. Discovering so many insights and tools, that it soon felt obvious to share it with others. Which is when I started to coach and teach.

I am born with the talent to see and feel the subconscious and potential in human beings. Which enables me to quickly get to the core of an issue or life question. My energy works as a catalyst and brings movement in the body, mind & soul system.  Making it easier for you to change and grow as a person.

I facilitate an environment where you can discover your own truth and path. What I transmit comes from life long experience. Which makes it powerful.

More about my work, you can find at www.lizlaforce.com

What you get:

  • 5 x 1-1,5 hour live webinar sessions
  • 5 x meditations
  • 5 x assignments
  • 5 x recordings
  • A private community of other (former) participants

Date:  7 & 21 September, 4 & 18 October, 2 November 2021 (EN)

14 & 21 mei, 4 & 18 juni and 2 juli 2021 (NL)

Time: 10:30am (CET)

Price: 295 euro

10% of the fee is used to make it possible for someone, who does not have  the financial resources, to join this training.

To subscribe use the button on the webpage www.lizlaforce.com/shop