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Energy Reading | Lightworker | Spiritual Healing | Amsterdam

Everything and everyone consists of energy. That energy has a certain vibration and that vibration contains information. As a reader, I ‘read’ this information like a book. During a session with me, your ‘book’ will open to me on the page you want to work on. That is never too much, but exactly what you can handle and what you need most at that moment. Through reading your book – a.k.a. readen – you get what you need to make your next step(s).

So in a reading you get tons of information about yourself! Healing & Reading A reading tells about the process you are in; a healing helps you concretely by means of what is read in your energy system. A healing is creating space for your own energy!


During a session you will receive a reading and healing: if you better understand what is happening in your energy system, you can also step more into your autonomy. The two combined are very powerful in the transformation process of becoming YOURSELF. Energy work Why is energy work interesting to use during your healing process? It may happen that there is too much energy from others with you, or that you give up too much of your own space, or that there are blockages, or we are allowed to clean what you have heard during a reading, etc. It’s not about something that needs to be broken and that it needs to be fixed.

The point is that a reading/healing ‘triggers’ your own ability to heal. Energetic work, such as reading and healing, makes contact with who you really are and what you are figuring out in this life, so that you can hear your own voice, your own intuition, better. VanessaVink.com |

Method This is what I do: I open the possibility for you to take steps at this point in your energetic growth so that you can continue with it afterwards. That’s so healing! Not only your growth as a human being, but also your growth as a soul. I remove the proverbial ‘dust’ from you, so that you can really be or become who you essentially are. That is coming home and that is where your passion and your purpose can be found. There you will find your Calling: what you came to do here on earth in this life. And then you also attract other people who feel the same way.

If you feel this resonates and if you are open to a broader view of things, will you reach out to me?

“You don’t get what you think you want… Trust that the universe will give you what suits you best”Vanessa Vink

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