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High Performance Coach for the Modern Human

Helping Busy High Achievers who want LESS STRESS, MORE ENERGY and a BOLDER LIFE

I guide modern high achievers on the verge of burnout to create perfectly balanced and satisfying lives, so they can thrive and live up to their highest potential.

My signature coaching, workshops and online courses employ a holistic approach built upon the belief that your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing is your ticket to freedom.


  • Do you feel overwhelmed and tired all the time?
  • Do you get sick a lot?
  • Would you like to free yourself from stress, anxiety and toxic situations?
  • Do you dream of having a work life balance?
  • Are you ready to experience energy and vitality like never before?

Through our work together, clients have experienced energy and vitality like never before, freed themselves from stress, anxiety and toxic situations, learned how to access and rely on their intuition for the right answers, and become open and ready to create a better more aligned and successful future for themselves.


☯ Natural Balanced Lifestyle
☯ Wellness & Detoxification
☯ Right Diet For Your Type
☯ Personal & Spiritual Transformation
☯ Meditation
☯ Accessing Your Intuition
☯ Tarot Readings and Coaching
☯ Floral and Herbal Remedies


1:1 Coaching
Bespoke Detox
Tarot Coaching
7 Day Energy Reset
The Bolder Life Circle

Do you want to get the most out of life? Are you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, unsure what to do?

SCHEDULE a Virtual Green Tea. You can tell me about your lifestyle and pick my brain for ways to start feeling better right away!

DOWNLOAD A Modern Human’s Guide To Less Stress & More Energy

TRY this quick method to Balance Your Energy

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Pavanne Veltman

Pavanne Veltman

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