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Solution Focused Clincal Hypnotherapy

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Clinical Hypnotherapy / Hypnotherapie

Make the positive changes you want to with Hypnotherapy

Benefit from Solution Focused Hypnotherapy with an experienced native British-English speaking Clinical Hypnotherapist, available more affordably online for anxiety, sleep, low moods, stress, confidence, self-esteem, fears, unwanted habits and many more conditions (just ask).

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We use clinically proven psychotherapeutic methods, neuroscience and the speedy benefits of hypnosis to empower individuals to gain control of their thoughts, feelings and behaviours and make significant positive changes quickly and comfortably.


Benefits of Hypnotherapy
Clinical Hypnotherapy can help with many issues, whether you are looking for better quality sleep, overcoming stress, anxiety or depression symptoms, coping better with life’s challenges, improving confidence or self-esteem, taming the ‘inner critic’ or the overactive mind. Or perhaps all is well and you’d just like to enhance your performance and focus. Maybe you are looking to gain more control of eating and other unwanted habits, conquer your fears, phobias or unwanted experiences. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a comfortable, educational, relaxing and mindful therapy that can help with so many things and what you learn in the process will serve you for many years to come.

During the intake we assess your needs together, discuss the process and how hypnotherapy can help you as well as establish a therapy plan and answer any questions you may have.

You also receive a free relaxation audio to help kick-start your process even before your first session.

Session Content
The regular weekly sessions are 1 hour long.  We work very quickly, relative to traditional talking therapies, using the enormous benefits of trance state to enhance the power and effectiveness of the therapy.

This neuroscience based therapy has proven for many years to be very convenient and effective online via zoom.


Click here to book yourself a free Initial Consultation/Intake directly into the therapist’s diary (British Clinical Hypnotherapist – Maral Kojayan MA HPD)


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