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"Surfing your innernet" coaching & training

"Surfen op je innernet" coaching & training

Self knowledge brings peace, confidence and focus

The coaching is focused on liberating you from limiting emotional and mental patterns. So you can feel free and happy again. I have a well developed intuition, which enables me to see, hear and feel what is going on in your (sub)conscious. Bringing clarity to any issue. My energy works as a catalyst, breaking through long held blockages, bringing your energy back in a flow. During the sessions you receive tips and tools to continue your transformation and growth. I work with divers methods including: coaching, emotional bodywork, acupressure, meditation, system work.

In the online training “Surfing your innernet” you learn how to communicate with your (sub)conscious yourself.  Enabling you to live your life consciously. Walking your own path. Living your dream(s). Keeping your body, mind & soul healthy and happy.

At the age of 24 my life literally collapsed. For 2 years I was bed bound. Until I decided it was enough. I started to research the interconnection between our body, mind & soul. Did educations in Chinese Medicine and healing techniques. Traveled the world. Visited spiritual teachers. Learnt how to meditate. Rediscovered my healing talent and ability to see, hear or feel the (sub)conscious. After having my own practice for years, I established a retreat center on Ibiza. Nowadays I am working in the Netherlands. Teaching and coaching others how to reconnect with their body, mind & soul for vitality, peace and joy in their life.

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Liz La Force

Liz La Force

Daniel Stalpertstraat
1072VZ Amsterdam
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