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Collaboration - Grow together

Let’s build the Balance Portal Network together

So that everyone can find the help they need on time. The burnout figures continue to rise. These complaints in the start-up phase are ignored for too long. Once it is too late, many people do not know how they can be helped outside of regular care. In addition to the unfamiliarity of the burnout, we notice that the demand from people with these complaints and the supply of specialists find it difficult to find each other. The larger our network of specialists, the greater the impact on breaking through the taboo surrounding burnout and stress complaints. New customers are online, make sure you are visible.


Are you a professional in the field of burnout, relaxation and self-development and do you want to use our range? Sign up here. Are you active in the business community in the field of burnout (prevention), register here.

Sponsor a contest

Do you want to sponsor a giveaway or bring a product or book to the attention? Let us know.

Growing together

Does our target group match and do you have a great idea to work together? We would love to hear from you.

Affiliate Marketing

Do you have many professionals in your network who are specialized in personal development, burnout, hsp or stress complaints? Connect them with Balance Portal and earn commission through an affiliate marketing link.

To advertise

For the possibilities of advertising, mail to info@balance-portal.com