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Yoga for burnout and stress complaints is actually step 1 of the recovery process. Many people only come into contact with Yoga when it is actually already “too late”. The overwhelming amount of stress in your life has probably prompted you to seek more rest.

Which form of yoga you want to practice depends entirely on your needs, strength and flexibility. Actually, it doesn’t really matter what you choose as long as it suits your needs. The nice thing about yoga is that you can do it your own way and get out of it what is important to you.

We live in a material world that can demand a lot from us. Instinctively, we must succeed every day as individuals, partners, parents, friends, and colleagues. We run from appointment to appointment, want a healthy meal ready at home, exercise, work and be a listening ear for a friend who needs it. In short, we have a lot of balls to keep in the air. But we simply cannot keep those balls high at the same time and the moment one falls it feels like we have failed. That can make you insecure and make you doubt your own strengths and talents. It’s not necessary.

Yoga helps you to see that you are good just the way you are, even if a ball has fallen to the floor. In fact, you may have to leave that ball comfortably on the floor. Yoga can really bring you a lot. It ensures that you take some time for yourself and that you start to learn to feel again. Because your body often indicates that you have to step on the brakes. Only we don’t listen to it and we just keep going. As a result, we cross our limits far too often, with all physical and mental complaints as a result.

As you probably know, Yoga can provide that. But Yoga is more than a “quick fix” to more rest. It is a lifestyle that helps you to combat stress, but also to prevent it. Yoga restores the connection between body and mind.

Practicing yoga regularly helps to combat stress and makes you a stronger person.

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