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What does a Meditation Coach do?

A meditation course is aimed at learning to meditate, so that the techniques can also be applied at home. Meditation gives relaxation and inner peace and brings you in contact with yourself and therefore ensures the right balance in daily life.

Meditation has a very positive effect on burnout. A meditation session lowers the stress level. You build up stress reserves and break the stress response. By meditating you respond differently to stress, so that your body and mind are not overloaded.

You can prevent or combat burnout by taking good care of your body and mind. You do this by sleeping enough, eating healthy, exercising and meditating. By meditating for 10 to 20 minutes every day, you increase your resistance to stress. Scientific research has shown that 20 minutes of meditation equals 3 hours of sleep. Perfect way of burnout prevention. You learn to listen better to yourself and your body. This way you recognize stress much faster and you can respond to it more easily. For example, meditate in the morning. Get up half an hour earlier and do this before going to work.

Meditation aims to gain insight into yourself and to accept yourself. Through meditation you really take time for yourself. Something that is impossible on a weekday when you work and have many appointments.

By planning a moment for yourself every day and then meditating, you distance yourself from the hustle and the stress. You are really focused on yourself. This way you learn to deal with stress more easily.