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With massages you can ensure that body and mind become one again. During the massage, tensions are localized, and muscles loosened so that waste products of the body are released. This can also release emotions. The body has stored these emotions for years. A good massage once in a while also ensures that you can sleep better and that you feel better about yourself. After all, the body has a self-healing capacity which is stimulated by a massage. You learn to relax again. That way you feel reborn after a massage. This is because the body produces endorphins (the happiness hormone) and oxytocin (the hug hormone) during the massage. These substances reduce stress and increase your feeling of happiness.

A relaxation massage can give you the feeling of what it felt like to be relaxed again, so that the balance between body and mind is improved and you therefore get more energy.

Recovering from a burnout takes time and a massage on a regular basis can help very well. It can really promote / speed up recovery, but the massage also gives more space in your head. This gives you new energy, the desire to pursue your goals and a greater awareness of your body. The massage lowers your stress and increases your energy.

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