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Runningtherapy & personal training

Reducing stress is often a matter of getting moving. More and more people are discovering that intensive exercise is an effective way to get rid of burnout complaints. And so, there is an increasing demand for running therapy.

What exactly does running therapy entail?

In running therapy, running is used as a form of treatment to help people get rid of certain complaints. Think of reducing stress or as an effective burnout treatment. You will be guided for this by a running therapist. This running therapist will look at what exactly you need and how running therapy as a whole can be optimally implemented.

This means that with running therapy you will not only live healthier, but also live a lot more consciously.

Benefits of running therapy

Running therapy has become increasingly popular in recent years for a reason. This is largely due to the enormous benefits that come with running therapy. This concerns, for example, the following benefits that you get from this burnout treatment:

Body and mind in balance: Instead of constantly experiencing stress and feeling uncomfortable, running therapy brings your body and mind back into balance. You know better to give certain problems a place.

More self-confidence: An important advantage is that you generate more self-confidence. When there is stress or other burnout complaints, self-confidence often decreases. It feels like you have lost control. With running therapy, you can find it again.

Better sleep: A better night’s sleep is also often mentioned. Stress makes you wake up. Thoughts are racing through your head, so that you are not always in a sleepy state. Targeted physical activity will help you sleep better. This gives you more energy during the day that follows.