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Hypno-Meditation 6 week Course

Hypno-Meditation course online starting Sunday 16th.
Great way to support your New Year Resolutions and changes you want to make

Hypnomeditation combines the best tools from Hypnotherapy with meditation. It’s like meditation supercharged; It’s relaxing, energizing, stress-relieving but what’s more you’re actively learning to use the power of your own mind to make the changes you want to make.

  • Overcoming stress, anxiety, low moods.

  • Gaining more clarity, confidence, inner strength and resourcefulness.

  • Releasing the inner critic, unwanted past, blocks, fears.

  • Recovering a stable connection to the peaceful and wisest you.

It’s very affordable too as its in a group!

Click here if you want to join

The course is in native English by British Clinical Hypnotherapist