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Balance portal inspires, motivates and informs

Balance Portal is for everyone who suffers from burnout complaints and is engaged in personal growth. We are there for those who want help, but not exactly what they need, where they can find this help or know what is possible at all.

Balance portal connects supply and demand in the areas of burnout, depression, anxiety, hormones, exercise, nutrition, relaxation, self-development, hsp, addiction and stress complaints.

The platform has since grown into an online place full of inspiration and information in the field of burnout, self-development and health. With this platform we daily reach people who need help and people with stress complaints on social media (12,000+ followers) and help in their search for support outside the regular healthcare system. At the same time, we boost the online findability of all therapists and coaches who treat stress complaints by means of online marketing.

History Balance portal

Balance portal originated from a personal need and demand for support in the event of burnout and stress complaints outside of regular healthcare. It is important to know that you do not have to get through a burnout period on your own and that more is possible than a visit to the doctor and / or possibly prescribed medication.

Origin of Balance Portal

This initiative started with an instragram account which exploded within months. So many people who benefited from the information, inspiration and motivation that was shared. “Through the Instagram account there was a lot of demand for help with burnout and mental complaints, but I am a graduated marketer and not a professional in the field of mental health. Unfortunately I could not help them directly. Hence the idea to set up a network with all professional help in the Netherlands and Belgium in the field of self-development, burnout, relaxation and stress, ” says founder Yara Bakels. We now regularly match clients with care providers and we interact daily with 12,500 loyal followers on social media.